Why choose a food basket as a corporate gift?

A few simple tips for really delicious business gifts

At Christmas it is always a good habit, for those who run a company or a business, to give a corporate gift for their employees, but not only. A carefully chosen, useful and valuable Christmas gift will certainly be a great way to strengthen a professional bond, to show appreciation for the work done and to make your working relationship even more profitable. However, it is not always easy to choose a company gift with the right characteristics: not excessively expensive, or at least in line with the set budget, that can be purchased in large quantities and, above all, that is certainly appreciated by those who receive it. So what can you give? With the Maletti food baskets you can be sure, because they ensure a perfect mix of exceptional quality and attention to the Italian culinary tradition, in valuable and useful packaging, which will surely be appreciated by all fans of good food.

What must be considered when choosing a company basket?

Before choosing a corporate Christmas package is it is good to consider some elements that can influence the choice of the basket and the products it must contain. Not all baskets, of course, are the same, quite the opposite. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a food basket as a corporate gift.

An essential element for Maletti, it must always be the first factor to consider, otherwise the gift will not turn out to be; welcome and indeed, it could even be misunderstood or become the source of unpleasant memories. When choosing a gourmet basket, you need to make sure that every product it contains is of the best quality . The products in the Maletti packs are selected with the utmost care and attention, precisely to ensure a very high level of quality.

Products and varieties
In addition to quality, you must choose baskets with particular products, but not too much , because we must be sure as far as possible that will be appreciated by those who receive them. A classic example is sweets, such as chocolate, loved by almost everyone. Especially in this period, then, the packages must contain typical products of the Christmas period , because they will surely be used to celebrate together with friends or relatives. For this Maletti selects a wide variety of products handcrafted, linked to culinary traditions famous throughout the country. An additional advantage is; then to include in these packages high quality food and wine products; that are not only related to the holiday period. The addition of haute cuisine products not only related to Christmas - such as those found in Maletti baskets - is; a plus that allows those who receive them to enjoy them all year round.

Depending on who you will receive the basket customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators you can choose more baskets or less rich and various. Not only that, knowing in depth its recipients, It is also possible to choose the largest basket; suits their tastes, always making the perfect gift.

The quality of a Christmas basket must not only concern the products, but also the packaging itself . Those made by Maletti are always precious and flawless both in cardboard and in fabric - and they also have the advantage of being very useful: they can in fact be re-used in the home for many different purposes.

Is obviously a fundamental voice for a company, and cannot; never be left out. A budget is made available for corporate gifts that must not be overshot. Therefore it is important to find those Christmas packages that allow you to fall within these costs , without never having to give up on quality; and an excellent aesthetic impact. For this Maletti offers many different food and wine baskets, each different from the others, for various budget solutions.

Possible tax breaks
As we have seen in a article , if the unit cost of the baskets does not exceed 50 & euro; VAT included, and are not given to employees, It is possible to take advantage of the deductibility; and deductibility .

Make a personalized gift is index of attention and attachment, and will be; certainly seen in a positive way by the recipient, who will feel; really part of a common project. For this reason Maletti offers the possibility; to personalize the baskets with greeting cards or, in some cases, with specific products.