Christmas 2021 Employee Gift Boxes

All the tips to choose perfect gift boxes for your company

Christmas is approaching and, even for those who run a business or a company, it is time to think about Christmas gifts. In fact, the Christmas holidays are the ideal opportunity to show esteem and affection to employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers, and to thank them for their work during the year. Choosing the right corporate gift, however, is not always easy, especially if you have a set budget and do not know the tastes of the recipients in depth. How then to find a gift that can be truly appreciated? The Christmas baskets with food and wine specialties, symbols of tradition par excellence, are the perfect solution to surprise and reward employees and collaborators in an original and surely welcome way and strengthen positive and lasting professional ties within the company. Maletti's Christmas 2021 gift boxes know how to meet the wishes of your employees because they contain high-quality products and carefully selected typical specialties, in full respect of tradition and the ancient canons of artisan production. Choose the Christmas basket that best suits your needs from the different Maletti proposals and amaze your employees with elegant packaging and attention to detail!

Tips and advice for choosing employee gift packaging

To better convey the value of your company or your business; and express all your gratitude towards employees, collaborators and colleagues, creating sharing and closeness, important to choose the right Christmas packaging . In order not to be mistaken, you can follow some simple tips:

  1. always choose high quality products : Christmas packaging must best represent the image and values of the company. For this it is important to choose handcrafted products with first quality products; or certified Dop, Doc or Igp . This is serious; an essential aspect of the gift packages proposed by Maletti, which contain only products of excellent quality, selected with the utmost care and attention and made by small and medium-sized Italian regional producers who operate in compliance with tradition and the values of craftsmanship.
  2. customize your basket according to your budget : depending on your needs and the quantity of gift boxes you intend to buy, you can choose different solutions. You can opt, for example, for Christmas baskets already; ready , or choose personalized and tailored Christmas packaging, adding the products you prefer according to your budget.
  3. take into consideration the tastes of the recipients : knowing in depth the tastes and preferences of employees, collaborators and customers is not; always easy and often is impossible to exactly anticipate everyone's wishes, especially in large companies. If you need to give a lot of gift boxes to your employees, try to choose traditional products , which can satisfy all tastes and palates. If, on the other hand, the Christmas package is; intended for customers or suppliers who are particularly important to your company or your business, we suggest you opt for luxury, elegant and refined baskets , with a greater variety; of products and specialties; more food and wine; particular and refined.
  4. choose the packaging carefully : quality of the products as important as that of the package itself. Try not to leave anything to chance and prefer well-finished and precious packaging, perhaps even reusable in the home once the holidays are over. Before proceeding with the purchase, also evaluate the different possibilities; of personalization . The gift packages for Maletti employees, for example, can be fully customized, both with the addition of specific products and with dedications and greeting cards to make the gift even more; special and welcome.

Christmas gift boxes for employees: Maletti's proposals

For Christmas 2021 Maletti offers a wide range of gift boxes for employees designed to meet the needs of each company and meet different budget solutions. Among the Maletti proposals you can find Christmas baskets already; packaged, with food and wine products of the best Italian tradition, or personalized gift boxes with products of your choice, perfect to give to employees, but also to customers and suppliers, to celebrate Christmas under the banner of sharing, taste and good food. Ideal gift boxes to give to employees are, for example:

  • the Rich Pantry packaging, a rich food and wine basket full of inevitable products in the Christmas period , such as pandoro and sparkling wine, sweets and nougat for the most; small, rice for Christmas Eve and other savory foods and side dishes of the best Italian tradition
  • the basket Tasty dinner with the best Italian regional products and typical delights of the Christmas period, such as the traditional cotechino with lentils, panettone and bubbles to toast, and a precious bottle of Evo oil of Umbrian origins
  • the Emilia Gourmet packaging, a delicious gourmet basket full of typical products of the Emilia region , such as Parmigiano Reggiano Dop, balsamic vinegar of Modena Igp and Bologna mortadella.