Christmas baskets with typical Emilian products

Christmas baskets with the best PDO and PGI products from Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna boasts a long tradition of food and wine and is one of the richest Italian regions in terms of products recognized as PDO and PGI and typical dishes known and appreciated all over the world. Home to taste, conviviality and good food, it is a land rich in flavours and producers who work with passion and craftsmanship to always ensure the excellence and the highest quality of their products. To bring the taste of tradition to your table and surprise friends and relatives with delicious and tasty gifts, Maletti has selected the best typical Emilian products: pasta, sauces, cheeses, cold cuts, wines and many other typical specialties. Since 1867, in fact, the company has continued its love for quality and the most authentic flavours of the Italian regions, offering Christmas packaging with Emilian foods and wines able to satisfy all tables and all palates, even the most demanding.

Celebrate Christmas with taste with Maletti's Christmas packages with typical Emilian products!

Also this year, on the occasion of Christmas and festivities; Christmas Maletti offers a wide choice of Christmas baskets with different types of products and specialties; regional emilian , already packaged or customizable according to your needs, to always give the right and best products; loved by colleagues, friends or relatives. Particularly suitable for companies and businesses, they are the perfect thought to show appreciation and gratitude towards employees and collaborators, but also to pay homage to friends and family with unique products with an unmistakable taste . Maletti's Christmas packages with typical Emilian products contain the best specialties; food and wine and high quality Doc and Igp products; carefully selected, such as Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar of Modena. Among the different baskets packed with specialties; emiliane, you can find:

  • Giovane Modena, a Christmas basket containing various typical Modenese products , such as tigelle, ideal to be stuffed with cured meats or, for the greedy, with the spreadable chocolate, the aged Balsamic vinegar IGP, sweet and particularly creamy, and the beloved Parmesan Dop. To complete and render even more; the packaging is delicious, the Lambrusco Grasparossa Doc and the hunter salami Dop.
  • Emilia Gourmet, a rich package that contains all the most delicious flavors; traditional dishes of Emilia , from Parmigiano Reggiano Dop to Balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, from the very tasty strolghino of Parma origin to passatelli with black truffles, an exclusive first course that is difficult to find even in shops. Inside the package you can also find the Bologna mortadella, the Maletti cotechino (which the company produces in Modena in the 1800s), the famous Lambrusco di Sorbara in a ros and the amarene di Modena IGP, another specialty of the region particularly ideal for preparing the Modenese tart. To complete it all with a sweet note, a great Christmas classic: the chocolate panettone.