The new Christmas baskets for the holidays

Maletti is continuously renewed and proposes a new series of gastronomic baskets

The food and wine baskets are an increasingly popular solution to give useful, tasty and definitely appreciated Christmas gifts. Maletti, always attentive to the selection of the best typical products of the Italian culinary tradition (but not only) aims to constantly renew the offer of food packages dedicated to the Christmas period. Also for the 2021 holiday season, therefore, the expert company staff has taken care of selecting many different products to create food baskets full of delicious delicacies, artisanal products of absolute quality.

The new Christmas baskets for the holidays

The new baskets proposed by Maletti

The food packages made by the company intend to propose different gastronomic routes linked to the food and wine traditions of our Peninsula. For this reason, each basket presents a careful selection of tasty products of the highest quality, handcrafted and difficult to find in normal distribution channels. But above all each basket has its own soul , a common thread, a main reason that creates a real culinary journey, a journey into the Italian flavors typical of the holiday season from rich appetizers to fish on Christmas Eve, from traditional desserts to bubbles to celebrate. Among the many novelties; proposals we find:

  • Christmas gift: a perfect basket to celebrate Christmas or the arrival of the year with friends new, thanks to the sparkling wine and the panettone it contains;
  • Souvenir: a food package featuring some of the most famous delicacies; linked to the holiday period, such as traditional panettone, chocolates and a delicate wine;
  • Rich Pantry: perfect as a Christmas present for friends or employees,is really rich in both sweet and savory products, traditional and really tasty (from the classic pandoro to butter biscuits, from prosecco to classic almond);
  • Pandora's Box, an incredibly full basket of delicious delicacies that can accompany any course.