Celebrate with taste this year too, together with our baskets

The food baskets for Christmas 2021

Every year for Christmas we find the food and wine gift packs among the most chosen gifts, especially as company gifts, but also to give a significant present and one certainly appreciated by friends or relatives. Even the 2021 holidays will not be an exception, and the Maletti food baskets are prepared and designed precisely to allow everyone to celebrate Christmas, or the arrival of the new year, in the tastiest way. They are ideal baskets for every need, from the richest to the lowest priced, perfect for making gifts of great quality, rich in artisanal products with an extraordinary taste, difficult to find through normal distribution channels.

All the customers who choose our baskets remain extremely satisfied, as evidence of the commitment and care that Maletti puts in every year in creating new baskets and in carefully selecting not only the best products that Italian food and wine can offer, but also the best and most desired combinations.

The richest baskets to make the holidays truly unforgettable

Also for the holiday season; 2021 Maletti has created a proposal for extremely diversified Christmas food baskets . The wide range of packages has thus; allowed the company to satisfy very varied tastes and budgets, with truly unique products that, once again, will certainly be appreciated. Among the most important factors and values; the Maletti baskets are undoubtedly exceptional quality products, with an unmistakable taste and ideal for party lunches and dinners.

In addition to the inimitable taste, also the great variety; of food and drinks (wines and sparkling wines, desserts, pasta, meat and cold cuts and much more) allows you to always give the right person the right package. Typical products of the period just think, among many, of cotechino, lentils and panettone they help to spend the holidays in joy and with a lot of taste. Even the packaging, of great quality; and reusable for various purposes, they are very welcome, proving that not only matters the content, but also the form . For this reason Maletti takes care of both aspects with the utmost care.

The wide variety of proposed baskets is essential to meet many budget needs for both individuals and companies looking for corporate Christmas gifts. Among the most popular packages popular, this year we find:

  • Souvenir , the perfect package to celebrate Christmas together with all the best products; typical of the Italian tradition and pay homage to the Belpaese in such a year; particular;
  • Norcino , dedicated to artisanal butchery and meat products, always particularly appreciated especially by the male audience ;
  • Giovane Modena , an ideal basket for those who want to taste the best that Emilia has to offer;
  • Pantry Ricca , a perfect selection of traditional Italian food and wine delicacies with everything you need for an evening dedicated to taste and flavors more appreciated.

Spending Christmas with the family is; always a unique emotion, a reference to tradition, a precious memory for the future. Although this year, in some cases, this will happen. from a distance, we are sure that the festive spirit that accompanies us will not be lacking; never. Together with the inimitable good taste of the products of the Maletti baskets!