Do you have Christmas gift packs with typical products of the Italian region?

All our baskets have typical high-quality products, coming from the best regional traditions. The Italian culinary tradition is recognized and appreciated all over the world. Italy, in fact, is a land rich in gastronomic traditions: every strip of land carries with it a unique and invaluable wealth, a heritage to be preserved for future generations.

To remember our origins and not forget the typical products of our territories, we thought of creating a line of Christmas baskets with typical products from various Italian regions. In this section you can find baskets with products from the territory of Lombardy- Veneto, but also from Piedmont and Liguria, and from the south and the islands or Tuscany and Emilia.


They are all baskets of excellent quality that contain only certified products; the manufacturers, in fact, have been carefully selected to guarantee high quality standards. These gift boxes are all to be tried: whatever your favourite, you will be sure to buy a gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated.