Pandoro Christmas Basket

If you are looking for a quality gift box? Maletti meets your needs with Christmas baskets with pandoro, containing typical products of the Italian tradition. Maletti packs its Christmas baskets with quality products, selected only after careful research by artisan producers.

Pandoro Christmas Basket

What's in the Christmas basket with pandoro

The Christmas baskets with pandoro are made with products of various kinds, including pasta and rice, cold cuts or wines, such as:

  • Carnaroli rice from the Po delta, a refined rice, suitable for any type of dish
  • Salami with truffles, a tasty and very fragrant salami
  • Prosecco Doc, a traditional wine suitable for aperitifs, dinners or to accompany dessert

The classic pandoro , a soft typical dessert that can't be; missing for the Christmas holidays, it is therefore perfect for Maletti Christmas baskets. The classic Pandoro is prepared following traditional long leavening recipes, using only quality flours, butter and eggs.

What to combine with the Christmas basket with pandoro

To accompany this soft dessert, Maletti offers delicious combinations, capable of enhancing all flavors, such as fruit, chocolate and coffee with products such as: hazelnut and cocoa truffles, peaches with muscat or coffee.

For more information

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