Company food baskets

The Maletti company food baskets are perfect gifts for any occasion and holiday. Maletti, in fact, offers company baskets online, perfect for gifts to company employees and executives, to celebrate Christmas and Easter or to enhance the typical products of a region or city.

Company food baskets with traditional products

The online business baskets are not the classic gift for the holidays, but they represent a perfect solution to satisfy everyone's tastes. On the other hand, who doesn't like good Italian cuisine? Who doesn't love the typical products of our territory? The company food baskets with typical products contain some of the traditional delicacies of our territory, such as certified cured meats, tasty cheeses, sweets typical of the regions, sauces and gravies, quality wines; and much more that will accompany unforgettable lunches and dinners.

Corporate food baskets for the holiday season

Inside the Maletti site you will find numerous company food baskets to celebrate Christmas , or simply prepare a tasty meal with the typical products of your region. Thanks to the exquisite flavors, these baskets will be the perfect gift in the business environment, both for employees and for executives. Among the packages designed for the festivities; Christmas, we can mention the following:

  • company basket Bubbles for Greetings
  • Happy Christmas company basket
  • Joieux Noel company basket
  • company basket Christmas Evening

Furthermore, all the typical products of these boxes have obtained IGP, DOP, DOC certificates which certify their origin and quality.

Learn more about corporate food baskets?

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Company food baskets
Company food baskets