Easter Food Baskets

Maletti is a Modena gastronomic company with considerable experience in the deli sector, which offers Easter food baskets with quality products. The baskets of this type proposed by Maletti, moreover, are an increasingly appreciated and sought after gift, ideal for a very large audience.

Easter food baskets with handcrafted products

Relying on Maletti, a company founded in Modena in 1867, for the choice of Easter baskets, means embarking on a journey in search of perfection and quality, through the best products of the Italian culinary tradition and regional gastronomic excellences that will make Easter day unique. Furthermore, Maletti continually proposes new Easter gastronomic baskets with handcrafted products and, for this reason, the company sets itself as a point of reference for quality; for those looking for this type of products. Maletti, in fact, for their preparation, relies only on typical products from small local producers, who can boast a long family tradition and ensure a fresh, genuine, delicious and certified product. For example, in the Easter baskets for sale you will find excellent cured meats, traditional Easter sweets, delicious cheeses, egg pasta, fine wines, condiments and sauces and much more.

Easter food baskets for gifts to family members

Inside the Maletti Easter baskets, therefore, you will find only and exclusively products of Italian origin and IGP, DOP or DOC certified. These certifications are synonymous with the highest quality, attested by a competent body that has the task of safeguarding and promoting Italian products. For this reason, Easter food baskets are the ideal gift for family members and will allow you to share pleasant days of celebration with them in the name of taste. Among the various packages designed for this period of the year, we can mention, for example, the following:

  • Easter basket Colomba and Prosecco
  • Easter basket with eggs and dove
  • Sweet Salty Easter basket
  • Easter basket Easter lunch

More information on Easter food baskets?

If you would like more information on Maletti's Easter food baskets , fill out the form in the contact section of the site. You will be contacted as soon as possible; soon from customer service with all the relevant information.

Easter Food Baskets
Easter Food Baskets