Baskets with typical products

The Italian company Maletti was founded 150 years ago in the province of Modena and, from a small delicatessen, it expands, until it also produces the specialties of Modena's gastronomy. To make known its cured meats and other Made in Italy delicacies, it produces baskets with typical products. These gift boxes are perfect for special occasions, such as corporate dinners or Christmas and Easter parties. The baskets with typical products of Maletti are composed of the best products of the Italian artisan tradition, chosen with care and attention to ensure high quality.

Baskets with typical products

Characteristics of the baskets with typical products

The baskets with typical high quality products are a tasty way to introduce the people who receive them to the typical dishes of the Italian tradition. They can be composed according to customer preferences and in this way guarantee the maximum satisfaction of those who will savor the products contained in the package. They are suitable as a gift for the Christmas and Easter holidays, both for individuals and for companies and their price varies according to the composition of the basket. The maximum customization of the baskets is; therefore the added value that distinguishes the company and that allows it to better meet the needs of customers. You can choose between:

  • Baskets with typical sweet products
  • Baskets with typical salty products
  • Baskets with mix of typical products

How to buy baskets with typical Maletti products?

The Maletti company is available throughout the year thanks to the site dedicated to the online purchase of baskets with typical products . In this way, customers can plan the gifts in advance and compose the baskets and then send them at the time of the anniversary. The shipment can be carried out in Italy but also abroad. In the online store baskets with typical products , many different baskets are available that combine traditional Italian products and can be further customized according to to customer requests.

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