Company Christmas Baskets

Would you like to find the perfect gift to pay tribute to your company's employees or customers? If you are looking for a successful gift, rely on the company Christmas baskets proposed by Maletti, a perfect gift to satisfy the tastes of different recipients.

Company Christmas baskets with certified gastronomic products

Maletti's corporate Christmas baskets are known in the food and gastronomic sector for the care with which they are packaged and the quality of the products that are inside them. All company Christmas baskets with certified gastronomic products IGP, DOP or DOC, reference points for the safety and origin of the finished product. To continue on the path of quality and excellence and to offer delicious foods, Maletti has always relied on small local producers who make experience and attention to the customer two fundamental points of their business. Inside the corporate Christmas baskets you will find, for example: cold cuts typical, delicious cheeses, artisan panettone and pandoro and many other sweet and savory flavors.

What are the company Christmas baskets?

Food packages are a Christmas gift designed and used more and more; over the years, by company managers who decide to pay homage to their employees to thank them for the results obtained. Many professionals, therefore, rely on Maletti for the purchase of these packages, thanks to the vast choice of corporate Christmas baskets, which are designed to satisfy the tastes of those who love salty, those who love sweet, those who love Emilian products and, simply, those who love good Italian cuisine. Among the types of company Christmas baskets proposed by Maletti, we can indicate, for example, the following:

  • company basket Il Bel Paese
  • sea and land company basket
  • Golosa company basket
  • Bubbles basket for Greetings

More information on corporate Christmas baskets?

If you would like more information on corporate Christmas baskets , contact the company using the form in contact section of the site. You will be contacted as soon as possible; soon from customer service.

Company Christmas Baskets
Company Christmas Baskets