Company Christmas Baskets

For a perfect gift idea for employees, suppliers, customers, rely on Maletti and his experience in packaging company Christmas baskets.

Wide choice of corporate Christmas baskets

The company basket is; the gift that allows you to satisfy all needs, for those who prefer salty to sweet, for those who prefer regional traditions or who like a good bottle of wine. For these reasons, companies choose the company Christmas basket and Maletti, thanks to its experience and the choice of quality products , is; able to satisfy all the different requests through a wide choice of food and wine packages such as:

  • Christmas basket Christmas surprise
  • Food and wine gift Bell Emilia
  • Christmas basket La dolce vita
  • Christmas package Tasty
Company Christmas Baskets

Personalized corporate Christmas baskets

In addition to offering packages already; ready, Maletti offers the possibility; to create personalized Christmas baskets . These baskets are therefore adapted to personal tastes and preferences. Thanks to the different products offered and their quality, these baskets represent a welcome idea.

More information on corporate Christmas baskets

For more information on company Christmas baskets , on their customization and shipping is possible request a quote .