Easter baskets 2016

If you want to find a perfect gift for the Easter holidays, Maletti Store offers Easter baskets 2016, a type of gift suitable for friends, relatives and colleagues. It is a perfect gift solution for formal and informal contexts, according to the type of Easter basket you want. In fact, there are luxury Easter baskets suitable for entrepreneurs and prominent personalities, and Easter baskets with local delicacies, ideal for gifts for family, friends or colleagues.

Maletti offers many offers of Easter baskets 2016, which will surely be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive them as a gift. Maletti Store is a Modena company that produces Easter baskets, with over 150 years of experience in the gastronomy and deli sector. The proposed Easter baskets are composed of certified typical Italian products, which play a key role in the culinary tradition of the Bel paese. The products found in Maletti's 2016 Easter baskets, in fact, are certified PGI, PDO or CDO and come solely and exclusively from small local producers, who have been working in the sector for generations and prepare delicacies that cannot be found in large retailers.

The 2016 Easter baskets by Maletti are a very appreciated gift, as they consist of excellences typical of an Italian region (Dall 'Emilia with love..) or a particular city (Bologna la Dotta). Inside the Easter baskets offered by Maletti you can find exceptional products, such as: delicious cold cuts, tasty cheeses, homemade egg pasta, traditional desserts, Easter eggs, typical Easter desserts, sauces and condiments and many other high gastronomic products. All the combinations have been studied by the Maletti family, with the aim of enhancing all the tastes present and meeting the most disparate needs of consumers.