Company food and wine baskets

To reach its customers all over the world, Maletti has developed a sales service for company food and wine baskets. Although gift baskets can reach Italy and abroad, even with a practical shipping service, Maletti will never be an industry. The company is and will always be a gastronomic laboratory, where the fundamental values of care and passion for their profession will guarantee a long-lasting success. The craftsmanship of packaging is combined with the proposal of company gift packs, so that companies can choose, for their employees or collaborators, the best products of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

Who are the company food and wine baskets for?

More and more; often, to pay homage to employees or collaborators for their work and their commitment, companies choose to give food and wine baskets. The service offered by Maletti is very practical because allows the company to view the food and wine baskets for company employees compounds or to individually select the products to be included in the baskets. Companies can choose:

  • Company baskets for employees
  • Baskets for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Why buy the company's food and wine baskets?

The Maletti company is has always been a reference figure in the field of gift basket packaging. Guarantees high quality and a professional service by selecting only the best food and wine products of the Italian tradition. To offer company food and wine baskets with quality products Maletti relies on local producers who still respect the canons of artisanal production today. Many produced in the company baskets, made by these small and medium-sized companies, are IGP and DOP or DOC certified, therefore is guaranteed maximum safety and the origin of the finished product.

Request information on company baskets

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