Gastronomic gift baskets

The gastronomic gift baskets offered by the Maletti company are a delight for the eyes first and for the palate then and are always a welcome gift for those who receive them.

Gourmet gift baskets with handcrafted products

If there is one thing that unites all Italians is an undisputed passion for food and goodies; of the table which, with specialties; which vary from region to region, characterize our peninsula and make it famous and appreciated in the world. Maletti's objectives include to indulge this passion and, precisely for this reason, the company is always committed to offering gourmet gift baskets with handcrafted products , synonymous with great quality; and value, which could satisfy the culinary needs of the most palates; refined.

Gastronomic gift boxes ideal for family members

The wide range of products offered by Maletti allows us to satisfy every need and, precisely for this reason, gourmet gift baskets are ideal for family members , as well as for employees and other professionals. Furthermore, if you want to deliver the packages in question directly to your relatives' home, Maletti will give you way to reserve some packages already; ready to order and will take care of personally of orders and shipments of gastronomic gift baskets, allowing you, therefore, to plan your gifts with precision, with the guarantee of receiving the order placed within the established times, both in Italy and abroad. Among the gift packages particularly suitable for this category of people, we can find the following:

  • gastronomic gift basket La Dolce Vita
  • gastronomic gift basket the Basket of Wonders
  • gastronomic gift basket Christmas in the Mountains
  • gastronomic gift basket Family Lunch
  • gastronomic gift basket Easter lunch

Choosing among these baskets and among the many others available, therefore, you will have the guarantee of making a gift of great quality, with attention to the smallest details and packaged with great care, to offer an experience of great impact already; starting from the presentation.

More information on gourmet gift baskets?

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