Christmas Baskets 2015

Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate next Christmas? At Maletti, a Modena-based company with over 150 years of history, the Christmas baskets 2015 await you, full of gastronomic products and Italian excellence. Thanks to the wide variety of typical products present in Maletti's Christmas baskets, these are gifts that will satisfy the tastes of each recipient.

Maletti's Christmas baskets 2015 are perfect for any type of recipient. In Maletti's e-commerce, in fact, there are Christmas baskets perfect for company employees, for friends and relatives and for executives. All the Christmas baskets 2015 proposed by Maletti are composed of typical Italian products certified PGI, PDO or Doc, synonymous with the highest quality and certified Italian origin. Maletti, moreover, for the packaging of Christmas baskets relies solely and exclusively on typical regional products from small Italian producers, which put tradition and the quality of the product first. I mean, what else is there to add?

Typical cheeses, quality cold cuts, homemade egg pasta, delicious sauces and condiments, pandoro and homemade panettone, typical Christmas desserts, and many other fine-dining products, make Maletti's Christmas baskets in 2015 a must-have for the Christmas season. The different combinations within the Christmas baskets are designed by the Maletti family, who have a lot of experience in gastronomy and delicatessen, with the aim of offering the highest name solution and meeting the needs of all customers. The Christmas baskets for Christmas 2015 are, therefore, the perfect gift to impress the recipient.