Christmas Food Baskets

Do you want to give friends or acquaintances a very pleasant gift for Christmas? Maletti has the solution for you, easy to buy and sure success. In fact, the company offers Christmas food baskets rich in high quality products, good, typically Italian and extremely varied. Maletti's food baskets are incredibly rich and varied, available in different formats and versions. The ideal solution for a welcome Christmas gift.

A wide choice of food baskets

Maletti offers a wide range of food baskets, perfect as a gift for many different occasions . A food and wine gift like this can take on important meanings. In fact, a way to show that we know a person well (by choosing the basket with their favorite products), but also the right choice for a representative gift on the occasion of the holidays. The Maletti baskets are in fact excellent gifts for:

  • Friends who are passionate about food and wine;
  • Relatives;
  • Representation occasions or corporate gifts.

What food baskets are available?

What makes Maletti food baskets so bad unique? At the base of everything is the selection that allows you to insert in the baskets only the products offered by the best Italian and international food and wine. The products inside the baskets are in fact real delicacies made by the best companies in the sector, renowned for their quality; of raw materials and processing . The quality level and the goodness; of the products are difficult to reach from the baskets offered by large retailers. Maletti takes care of the whole process, from packaging to orders to shipments. It is also possible to personalize the baskets with greeting cards or special dedications. Among the many food baskets for Christmas we find:

  • Merry Christmas basket
  • Basket Wishes
  • Christmas Surprise Basket < / li>
  • Pandora Basket

Do you need more information?

If you need more information on Maletti's Christmas food baskets , on the different packages, on orders and much more, do not hesitate to contact us using the appropriate form in the contact section . We will be happy to answer all your questions in the short time possible.