Christmas gift packs

The Maletti company, founded in 1867 in the province of Modena, has become famous for the quality of its products packaged in its factories, including zamponi, a classic to prepare during the holiday season. Today Maletti produces the products of Modenese gastronomy and offers Christmas packages with food and wine products from all regions of Italy. To give a personalized gift to acquaintances, relatives or employees of a company, many pre-composed Christmas packages are available. Customers can also customize the gift basket to their liking, choosing from the many products available.

What do the Christmas packages include?

The gift baskets proposed by Maletti are described in detail, in order to allow the customer to know their contents. In the Christmas packages with Italian products, many food and wine items from the best producers are offered. Maletti offers different versions of the Christmas packages. In the online store you can find:

  • Christmas packages with regional products
  • Packages with Christmas sweets
  • Christmas packages with wines and spirits
  • Christmas packages with food and wine products

Can I compose the Christmas packages?

In the online shop of the Maletti company there are many Christmas packages that contain high quality food products. To further satisfy requests, the company allows customers to compose personalized Christmas packaging , choosing from the many Christmas packaging products available. In this way the customer can insert the items you prefer in the gift box, from the typical dishes of the various Italian regions, both sweet and savory, to wines and liqueurs. In the Christmas packages, the great classics such as pandoro and panettone and a bottle of sparkling wine to toast cannot be missing.

Do you want to know more about Christmas packaging?

If you would like more information on Christmas packages , fill out the form in the section Contacts with your requests. Maletti's staff available to meet your needs.