Christmas Food Baskets

Every year, when Christmas is approaching, the classic dilemma "What to gift?" returns. If you don't know what to give to someone close to you, who may be a relative, a friend, or company employees, rely on Maletti Store's Christmas food packages.

Maletti's Christmas food boxes are boxes containing traditional Christmas products from small local producers who put product quality first. The products within the Christmas food packs, which have made the history of Italian cuisine, such as for example cold cuts, cheeses, sweets, egg pasta, wines, can boast a very high quality and a unique attention during the production processes.

Within Maletti's Christmas food packaging section, there are numerous types of food packaging, such as: luxury Christmas baskets, corporate gift baskets, and regional Gift baskets. Luxury baskets are Christmas food gift packs full of fine quality products, ideal for exclusive and popular gift ideas. Corporate gift baskets are Christmas gift packs that are perfect, as the name implies, to be used as gifts for employees or contractors. Gifts from the Regions are Christmas food gift packs with typical products from a particular region or area of Italy. We find, for example, the Christmas "Bologna la Dotta," with typical products from Bologna; the "from Emilia con Amore" pack, a food basket with products from Emilia; or the "Piemonte Gourmet" package, with typical products from the Piedmont region.

Christmas food boxes contain certified typical products, with PGI and PDO or CDO designations, attesting to the origin and provenance of the finished products. Thanks to the quality of the products, Maletti's Christmas food gift packs are the ideal solution as Christmas gifts and, thanks to the delicacies inside, will satisfy even the most demanding palates.