Christmas Gift Packs for Companies

Sale and supply of Christmas gifts

Are you looking for Christmas gifts to give to employees, managers and suppliers? Maletti offers a wide selection of corporate Christmas packages, including customizable ones, ideal as corporate gifts for the holidays.

What can be found in the Christmas packages?

Inside the Maletti Strenne there are carefully selected food and wine excellences , many typical products of our Peninsula from producers who use only the highest quality raw materials. The delicacies found inside the packages are varied and numerous, therefore perfect for celebrating Christmas. Depending on the package you choose, in fact You can find products like:

  • cheeses
  • wines
  • cured meats
  • pasta.

The proposed Christmas packages are therefore the right idea as a corporate gift that anyone who is the recipient will appreciate it.

Why should a company choose Maletti Christmas packaging

Since 1867 Maletti has been dealing with gastronomic products and over the years it is specialized in supplying Christmas baskets to companies throughout the Italian territory .
Even today, the packaging of the gifts takes place in an artisanal way, carefully selecting the best Emilian and Italian gastronomic products.
The companies that have chosen and choose Maletti for the supply of Christmas gifts find high quality products inside, able to satisfy even personal needs and tastes.
The Christmas packaging sales service dedicated to businesses also allows you to:

  • create personalized Christmas gifts customized, choosing from the wide variety of products available
  • add a personalized card to each Christmas basket
  • put a gadget in the box.

Maletti is therefore the point of reference for companies looking for a reliable, specialized and punctual partner in the delivery of Christmas food packages. Maletti, in fact, also takes care of the shipment, which can also be single or for foreign countries.

More information

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