Company Gift Baskets

Company gift baskets are an attractive and always popular way to give employees a food basket for a holiday or special occasion for the company.

Gift boxes for companies with certified products

The gift baskets for companies have always been in great demand by executives who want to pay homage to their collaborators with a present of sure effect, which will satisfy each of the recipients since inside there are delicious high quality products. Maletti, in fact, is; known for the attention with which it selects the food items to be placed in the baskets, as well as for the care with which it packages its packages, giving a pleasant and exciting experience that starts from the accuracy also on an aesthetic level with which the baskets are presented . In addition, the gift boxes for companies contain IGP or DOC certified products, which are reference safeguards that ensure the origin and safety of the foods offered.

Wide range of gift boxes for companies

For professionals who want to order gift packs, contacting Maletti means choosing a trusted partner who has been collaborating with the activities for years; to provide a wide range of gourmet gift baskets for companies. Maletti offers all the tranquility; of a service that always starts from the customer's needs and is; managed entirely by the company itself, from the order, to the choice of products, to the composition of the package, to the final shipment within the agreed time. In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, in addition to customizing the baskets themselves, You can choose from numerous packages already; composed, such as, for example, the following:

  • food basket for companies Golosa
  • food basket companies Bubbles for Greetings
  • food basket Emilian companies
  • food basket from La Ghiotta companies
  • food basket Le Renne companies