Christmas Gifts

Lots of gifts are given during the Christmas season, but it is not always easy to find one that is sure to be appreciated. This is why Maletti offers a wide range of Christmas gifts such as baskets and food packs full of traditional Italian food and wine products, local and of the highest quality, which cannot be found in normal large-scale retail channels.

The perfect Christmas packages as a gift

Maletti is a Modenese company specialized for over 150 years in the production of typical local products and in the packaging of Christmas baskets with high quality products . This experience allows the company to select only products made in Italy by local producers, with healthy and certified processes, often handed down from generation to generation. For these reasons, these products are difficult to find through normal distribution channels. Maletti carefully selects them and creates an absolutely varied and original offer of Christmas gifts. Among the baskets dedicated to the Christmas period we find:

  • Merry Christmas basket;
  • Basket Wishes;
  • Christmas Surprise Basket;
  • Cesta Ghiotta.

Personalized Christmas gifts

In some circumstances is very important to make a gift that will come; really appreciated and above all to show that you really know the recipient of that present. Maletti offers the possibility; to personalize the gift packages with the desired products. In this way it will be It is possible to create absolutely unique, tailor-made packages. Likewise, It is possible to insert a greeting card or a personalized dedication inside the package.

More information on Christmas presents?

In case you need more information on Maletti Christmas packages , contact us using the form in contact page . Send us your doubts and your requests and it will be; we will reply as soon as possible.