Gourmet Christmas Gift Packs

Christmas gift pack with typical Italian food products

Would you like to surprise friends and family with a really welcome gift for Christmas? Maletti has the solution: gourmet Christmas gift packs.

Maletti is an Italian company that specializes in Christmas baskets, offering gastronomic Christmas gift packs containing products that are of great quality, and represent Italian tradition.

Maletti Christmas gift packs are incredibly rich in excellence and are available in different formats and versions.

What makes Maletti Christmas packages unique?

At the base of quality of the products present in the Maletti gastronomic baskets, the careful selection of products. Inside the Christmas packages, in fact, you will find only the best products of Italian food and wine .
All the products inside the strennas, both savory and sweet, are real delicacies that Italian companies make using high quality raw materials. Thanks to this quality in the products Maletti gastronomic packs are unique and unparalleled.

Personalized gastronomic packages

In addition to taking care of the careful selection of gastronomic products to be offered inside the Christmas baskets, Maletti takes care of the whole process, from packaging to shipping. Thanks to this particularity, the company offers its customers the possibility; to create personalized gourmet Christmas packages with :

  • greeting cards
  • personal dedications
  • objects to be inserted inside the package.

Who are the gourmet Christmas packages designed for?

Maletti offers a wide selection of food packages, perfect as a gift on the occasion of the holidays. The gastronomic baskets can be the perfect idea in different contexts, such as:

  • to demonstrate that we know a person's tastes and therefore we give away a gastronomic package with your favorite products
  • the choice for a successful representative gift.

Gastronomic packs so they are excellent gifts for friends, relatives or as a company gift for employees or suppliers .

More information

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