Gourmet Christmas Food Baskets

Baskets with typical Italian products for the holidays

Are you looking for a gift idea for Christmas? With Maletti's Christmas food baskets you'll leave everyone speechless.

Who is Maletti?

Maletti is an Italian gastronomic company founded in 1867 in Modena specialized in the production of gastronomic baskets made using typical products of the Emilia and Italian territory . The Christmas food packs that Maletti offers are certainly successful as they contain foods of the highest quality; carefully selected by Italian producers, unavailable in traditional stores.

How are the gift baskets packaged?

One of the fundamental characteristics of Maletti is which deals with every phase of the production process of food packages, the selection of products, packaging and shipping. The Maletti Christmas food baskets satisfy everyone's needs because are designed according to different food and wine routes and therefore is very easy to find the most suitable package suits your needs , even budget.
Furthermore, the food packages are packaged so that the shipment is safe and inside them there is also the possibility; to insert a note in order to personalize the gift.

What is inside the baskets?

Maletti staff pays great attention to the choice of gastronomic products to be selected for the Christmas packages. The selected suppliers are local producers who produce IGP, DOP, DOC certified products . Inside the food packages there are therefore unique delicacies, hard to find in any other way.

More information

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