Christmas Gift Pack with Cured Meats

Do you want to give a truly unique and great gift to a cured meat lover? Maletti has the right solutions for you and offers Christmas gift packs with high-quality, tasty cured meats of different types and suitable for all tastes. In fact, the baskets prepared by Maletti are available in many different variations, rich and excellent, perfect to please every taste. In each Christmas gift pack you can find a careful selection, different according to your needs, of sweet and savory products, including cold cuts, perfect for celebrating Christmas with the truly typical foods of our country on the table.

Cold cuts for all tastes, and of the best quality

Maletti always puts at the center of its business customer satisfaction for this with the company food baskets is easy to make a really welcome gift. The company studies and selects only the best products of Italian and international food and wine . During the Christmas period, cold cuts are particularly popular; in fact, they are consumed of all kinds, they are used to prepare many dishes, we think of the typical antipasto platters, or they are tasted like this, simply. In the Christmas food baskets prepared by Maletti you will find varied cured meats, perfect for celebrating Christmas with friends or relatives with products with an inimitable taste.

Are you looking for something more; particular and tailor-made? Maletti gives you; the possibility to create customized baskets with the desired combination of products, for example with cheese only, or with accompanying products such as wines and cheeses.

The cured meats present in the Maletti baskets

Maletti inserts typical cured meats of the territory and of the Italian tradition inside its Christmas baskets . They are sliced and cured meats among the most loved ones, by those most fresh to the more seasoned, to be enjoyed alone or to prepare delicious recipes and accompanying platters. The Made in Italy products offered by Maletti are real delicacies of extraordinary quality, with a unique and characteristic flavor. They represent the ideal gift to spend a good and cheerful Christmas. In the various baskets Maletti You can find, for example:

  • Hand-tied cup;
  • Culatello with or without rind;
  • Speck fillet;
  • Parma ham with or without bone and various seasonings (18 or 24 months);
  • Salami, salamelle, shanks, strolghini and much more.

Ask us for more information on Christmas baskets

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