Christmas gift pack with wine

To give a truly appreciated Christmas gift, whether private or corporate, Maletti offers you rich and varied Christmas wine gift baskets of different types. In fact, the baskets prepared by Maletti are available in many different variants, rich in wines of great quality and tradition, and enriched with precious and delicious products that are difficult to find through normal sales channels. In each Christmas package you can find a careful selection, different according to your needs, of sweet and savory products, as well as wines and liqueurs typical of the Italian tradition, but not only, perfect for toasting together during the holiday season.

The different Christmas packages proposed by Maletti

Maletti always puts at the center of its business; customer satisfaction. For this select so & igrave; carefully only the best products of Italian and international food and wine . During the Christmas period, wines and spirits are particularly popular; they are in fact consumed of all kinds, accompanying lunches and dinners, if they are used to toast together with friends and relatives in moments of celebration. In the Christmas baskets packaged by Maletti you will find various wines, Italian but not only , white and red, which will surely meet the tastes of the recipient. There are also baskets exclusively dedicated to wines .

Are you looking for something more particular and tailor-made? Maletti gives you the possibility to create customized baskets with the desired combination of products.

What wines can you find in the Maletti baskets?

Maletti places typical wines of the territory and of the Italian tradition inside its Christmas baskets , in addition to the most; valuable products from abroad. They are the most popular wines loved and famous, but also some less known but precious, real pearls to be savored at the table in moments of celebration. The Made in Italy products offered by Maletti are true excellence of quality, with a unique and characteristic flavor. They represent the ideal gift to spend a good and cheerful Christmas. In the various Maletti baskets you will find many types of wines and spirits, such as:

  • Red wines;
  • White wines;
  • Champagne, sparkling wines and prosecco;
  • Typical liqueurs of the period such as nocino or zabaglione.

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