Gourmet Gift Pack Production

During the Christmas season, it is more common to give and receive baskets with food products, but who said that food basket production is a service that can only be offered around the holidays?

Production of gastronomic gift baskets

Maletti makes available the production of gastronomic gift packages , not only during the holidays, to offer its customers and anyone who wants to have the possibility; to make a gift of great impact for the most several occasions. If you wish, you can choose from the Maletti food baskets already; compound, but It is also possible to create one with the products you prefer, selecting them from the Maletti proposals and contacting the company for a personalized quote. Among the baskets already; compounds, on the other hand, you can choose, for example, from the following proposals:

  • gastronomic basket La Dolce Vita
  • gastronomic basket The Basket of Wonders
  • gastronomic basket La Ghirlandina
  • gastronomic basket Sea and Land
  • gastronomic basket Il Bel Paese
  • gastronomic basket il Norcino

From baskets for the most greedy with sweets, to those that combine refined and particular foods with excellent accompanying wines, to products with original packaging for those who love extravagant ideas, there are several delicacies that you will enjoy choosing from one of the aforementioned packages.

Creation of gastronomic baskets with certified products

Food enthusiasts know how much you appreciate a gift consisting of quality food products; regardless of the period, therefore rely on an expert company in the creation of gastronomic baskets with certified products is a useful and winning gesture all year round. To obtain a result of this type, focusing in particular on quality of foods, Maletti carries out a careful selection of the foods that will end up inside the gastronomic packages, therefore it will know offer you quality gastronomic baskets, which will give you the opportunity, if you wish, to pay homage to your family members at any time of the year , your loved ones or the employees of your company.

More information on the production of gastronomic baskets?

If you want to request more information on the production of gastronomic baskets , on Christmas packages, on the production of gift packages and on all Maletti products, fill out the form in contact section . You will be provided with all the appropriate answers or will be sent to you; proposed a quote if you have requested it.