Christmas Gift Production

Maletti is a gastronomic company founded in Modena more than 150 years ago. Since 1867, it has specialized in the production of typical products of the Modena and Emilia area, as well as in the production of unique and highly successful Christmas gifts, such as Christmas baskets and packages with food and wine products of the highest quality, often unobtainable in normal retail outlets. Are you looking for Christmas gifts for friends, relatives or employees? Maletti has the solution for you.

How are food baskets made?

Maletti takes care of every phase of the production of gift boxes , from the selection of products to the packaging itself, from shipment to delivery. The Christmas baskets are comfortable and practical, but also aesthetically beautiful and easy to recognize. Our staff selects different food and wine tours, suitable for different tastes and spending budgets, to propose a complete offer of Christmas gifts. Our suppliers are local producers who make certified products IGP, DOP, DOC according to processes often handed down for generations. They are niche delicacies, difficult to find otherwise. In short, Maletti is concerned with providing its customers with top-level gastronomic experiences , introducing new and certainly satisfying products.

The Christmas period is; naturally one of the most intense for the choice of gifts. Maletti's offer of Christmas food packages is; rich and varied and includes many different carefully selected products. If for look for something even more; specific and tailored is customization service available: contact us to create your personalized Christmas basket, with the products you prefer. Among those proposed by Maletti as Christmas presents, however, we find:

  • Merry Christmas basket;
  • Basket Wishes;
  • Christmas Surprise Basket;
  • Cesta Ghiotta.

More information on Christmas gifts

Need more information on making Christmas gifts ? Fill out the form in contact section with your requests and doubts, and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. quickly as possible.