Business Gifts for Employees

Are you looking for a representative gift for your employees? Any occasion can be the right one to show appreciation to your employees; that's why Maletti offers food baskets as corporate gifts for employees. Food baskets made by Maletti are the ideal solution for making gifts that are sure to be appreciated and welcome. In fact, they contain different varieties and combinations of products of the highest quality, certified and from small local realities, which are difficult to find in large retailers.

For what occasions are gift boxes suitable?

Maletti, for over 150 years, is specialized in the sale of typical products of the Modena and Emilia area, and in the creation of food baskets of the highest quality. The gift baskets proposed are perfect for making corporate gifts that are certainly welcome. In fact, it is customary to give corporate gifts to their employees also a strong gesture of appreciation for the work of those who work and collaborate with us. Food packages are certainly a classic Christmas representative gift, but the occasions in which they can be given are truly varied. This is why Maletti sells food baskets throughout the year , also for:

  • Corporate and representative gifts for Christmas;
  • Corporate gifts for Easter;
  • Gifts for important business meetings;
  • Gifts to celebrate achievement.

Choose personalized gift baskets

Maletti takes care of selecting food products of the highest quality, real delicacies made in Italy with the best raw materials. They are foods that are difficult to find through traditional channels, and for this reason they represent an even more gift welcome. In the online store there are different types of baskets designed and created by the company of course. It is also possible to create customized food baskets . Just choose the products you want to insert and, if necessary, a greeting card or a simple thought. Maletti will take care of everything, from the presentation of the quote to the order, including shipping and delivery.

More information on gift baskets?

If you need further information on the gift baskets for employees prepared by Maletti, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section, or requesting a quote by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to answer all your inquiries as soon as possible.