Gift of Panettone

Christmas gift packs with Panettone

For a treasured gift this holiday season, choose Maletti's gift pack with panettone, Italian products to toast with taste and quality.

Why buy Maletti gifts

Maletti was born in 1867 in the province of Modena, a place full of specialties; culinary where to find the best food companies and the best Italian producers, guardians of the traditions of Italian cuisine. Thanks to the experience acquired in the sector, Maletti is today the best partner to rely on for the purchase of gourmet food baskets . Maletti offers a wide range of products to pack tailor-made Christmas packages or gourmet baskets already; ready in which to find the best products of the Italian tradition.

Which products can be found in the Maletti panettone gifts

In the Christmas gifts with Maletti's panettone You can find different types of products, based on the package chosen, such as:

  • cured meats
  • wines
  • cheeses
  • sweets
  • and much more.

All products are carefully selected by Maletti and are part of the Italian tradition.
By giving one of the gifts with panettone proposed by Maletti you sure to donate a gastronomic package rich in quality, composed only of the best Italian products and elegantly packaged.

Who the Maletti gifts are designed for

The Christmas packaging made by Maletti are the perfect solution for your Christmas, for a special gift rich in quality; Italian, packaged with care and research of the products and with a touch of sweetness thanks to the panettone or the various sweets that make up the strennas.
The gifts with panettone are in fact an ideal gift for anyone:

  • for those who have to make a good impression on the family
  • for companies wishing to wish happy holidays to their employees or suppliers
  • for those who love good food.

More information

For more information on Maletti's strenne with panettone You can send your request using the contact form . Maletti staff is available to provide all the information necessary for the shipment of the packages or for the creation of personalized gifts.