Gift of Typical Products

Food baskets with traditional Italian products

Once again this year, the fateful moment has arrived in which to decide what gifts to give for Christmas. If you have no ideas and don't know what to give as a gift to someone close to you, whether it's a friend, a relative or your co-worker, Maletti's gift packs with typical products are the perfect solution.

What can you find inside the gifts with typical Maletti products?

The Maletti gifts are boxes inside which It is possible to find the best typical products of the Italian tradition , carefully selected by producers who base their production on quality; and excellence. The products that can be found in the strenne, in fact, in addition to making the history of Italian cuisine, such as cured meats, cheeses, panettone, quality very high and a unique attention in the production phases.

What gifts does Maletti sell?

On the Maletti website You can find a dedicated section in seeing all Christmas baskets designed for the holidays. Each gastronomic package is designed to meet different needs, so that anyone can find with Maletti the perfect gift that satisfies the tastes of those who receive it.
Among the various gifts with typical products , for example can be found:

  • Christmas packages that contain Emilian products, therefore perfect for those who love classic Italian cuisine;
  • baskets with panettone and wine, ideal to accompany the festivities with sweetness and a toast;
  • packages with typical regional products in which all the typical products are enclosed; more greedy Italy.

The Maletti gifts are therefore an exclusive gift idea suitable to anyone. Thanks to the quality of the products the proposed Christmas food packages are able to satisfy even the most palates; demanding.

Choose the typical products to make your ideal gift

Maletti in addition to offering gastronomic packages, offers the possibility; to choose any product among those available in order to create personalized gifts . The personalization of the Maletti service does not end there. In fact it is; It is also possible to send the company a greeting card or a gadget (in the case of company gifts) which the staff will then take care of; to attach to the Christmas basket before shipping, which can be shipped. also be required for foreign countries.

Further details

For more information on gifts with typical products and all the services offered by Maletti, fill in the contact form . The staff is available to answer and satisfy all requests.