Business Gifts

Finding a business gift that is sure to be appreciated is never easy, and often those in charge don't even have too much time to devote to finding something that will please everyone. That's why Maletti offers sure-to-be- successful corporate gift baskets for any type of recipient: from employees to executives, from contractors to VAT-registered professionals. The food baskets made by Maletti are an excellent solution to allow recipients to celebrate not only Christmas and Easter, but any occasion.

Business gifts with food products

Maletti is a Modenese company with over 150 years of experience in the gastronomy of the territory and in the production of food baskets. These baskets are truly unique and are characterized by the presence of a very rich variety; of excellent products. Those included in the packages are in fact real delicacies, made in Italy with the best raw materials. They come from local producers who obtain them with often traditional processes handed down for generations. This is why the products have IGP, DOC or DOP certifications , testifying to their incredible quality.

A wide range of gift baskets

Maletti offers a wide range of food baskets designed to combine ever-changing selections of truly unique and tasty delicacies. Each basket designed by the company intends to provide a real journey into the Italian food and wine tradition; a true experience of the senses that lands on the tables of each recipient. Among the many baskets proposed by Maletti, we point out in particular:

  • Cesta Bell Emilia, full of products from Emilian tradition such as mortadella Bologna, sweet pecorino from the Bolognese hills, ragu alla bolognese, egg noodles and other goodies; typical of the area;
  • Ghiotta basket: perfect for the Christmas period, contains a bottle of Lambrusco di Sorbara, offelle di Parona and the typical panettone;
  • Christmas Surprise Basket: for high-level corporate Christmas gifts, a basket full of products dedicated to the period, both sweet and savory, in addition to the classic Prosecco DOC.

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