Personalized Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a Christmas gift that is sure to be appreciated but is also truly personal? Maletti is a company that specializes in the sale of personalized Christmas hampers. In fact, the Modenese company, founded in 1867, makes customized Christmas food baskets with your favorite products so that you can have Christmas gift that is sure to be successful, of excellent quality, and unique every time.

How to personalize your gift basket

In addition to offering a wide range of ready-made Christmas packages, Maletti offers the possibility; to create absolutely unique and personalized Christmas gifts . The procedure is very simple: just contact the company by phone or online communicate the products you like, choose the type of packaging, request a quote and then agree on delivery times and places. Maletti is a guarantee of quality; of products and reliability; of the service. The products that can be selected for customized baskets are in fact real delicacies handcrafted by small local producers. Among the drinks and foods, sweet and savory, we find:

  • The typical sweets of Christmas, such as panettone and pandoro, but also nougat, hazelnut and chocolate;
  • Holiday wines , such as champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco and so on; via;
  • Egg noodles, Modena tortellini, pasta and rice;
  • Cold cuts to prepare tasty antipasto platters such as coppa, culatello, ham, but also typical dishes such as cotechino or capon.

In personalized Christmas baskets It is also possible to insert a greeting card or a dedication to make the gift even more; unique.

The baskets proposed by Maletti

In addition to the possibility; to create its own unique and personal basket, Maletti selects the best products to propose its own baskets , made on the basis of themes or food and wine experiences typical of our Peninsula. In this way You can choose, or be inspired by your own composition, from gift boxes designed to offer real journeys among Italian flavors, such as:

  • Merry Christmas Basket;
  • Basket Wishes;
  • Christmas Surprise Basket;
  • Ghiotta basket;
  • Cesta Pandora, among the most rich and precious prepared by the company.

Find out more about Christmas presents

Do not hesitate to contact Maletti for further information on personalized Christmas gifts . Send us your requests or questions using the appropriate form in the contact section , and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.