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Are you looking for the right gift for a special occasion? Maletti is a Modenese company with over 150 years of experience in Emilian gastronomy and in the production of food gift baskets. You can shop the online store for sure-to-be-successful gift baskets featuring excellent quality products and truly unique delicacies.

Typical products found in the baskets

In the Maletti food baskets, perfect as gifts for any occasion, you will find products of the highest quality, food and wine excellences processed in Italy with truly extraordinary raw materials. The company selects these products to create ever new and exciting gastronomic itineraries; these paths are found in the vast offer of baskets proposed. Not only that: the products can also be purchased individually in certain quantities from our online store, or be personally selected to have customized packaging. Among the many excellences of the Peninsula we find:

  • Cold cuts and cold cuts;
  • Pasta and rice;
  • Sauces and gravies;
  • Wines and spirits.

Many different online baskets

Maletti offers a wide range of food packages prepared by selecting the most; famous Italian gastronomic excellences and products difficult to find in large-scale distribution. The gifts offered by the company are easy to buy, conveniently through the online store. Just select your favorite basket, enter the quantity and proceed with the order. Maletti takes care of the whole process, from packaging to shipping, right up to delivery. Among the baskets of high quality, ideal for important gifts, we find:

  • Cesta Bell'Emilia, full of the best products of the Emilian tradition;
  • Cesta Mare e Monti: a gastronomic basket with lots of sea and land products;
  • Cesta Pandora: a precious package that offers numerous sweet and savory products, but also fine wines;
  • La Dolce Vita basket: a luxury basket, the most; rich proposal by Maletti, for unforgettable gifts.

Learn more about online gifts

If you need further information on Maletti's online sale of gifts, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the appropriate form in the contact section. A member of our staff will be; happy to answer all your questions and requests.