Sweets Baskets For Sale

To celebrate important occasions and holidays on the tables of every Italian there is never a shortage of sweets. So choose the baskets with sweets that Maletti offers on its online shop, to treat yourself and give a delicious moment.

Features Maletti baskets

The baskets available on the online shop are packaged by Maletti after careful research of the products, to offer packs capable of < strong> to best represent the Italian culinary tradition and make known the excellences from small and medium artisans. Furthermore, It is also possible to design your own food basket by selecting only the products you prefer, also to create a personalized and made-to-measure gift.

The sweetness of Maletti

Among the wide selection of products that Maletti offers on its online shop , such as desserts you can find:

  • panettone and pandoro, the desserts par excellence of the festivities Christmas
  • honey and jams to accompany your meals and create delicious desserts
  • chocolate and coffee, to pamper yourself at any time of the day.

The best baskets with sweets

Among the wide selection of gastronomic baskets, Maletti offers a selection of packages containing delicious sweets , to accompany lunches and dinners and celebrate important moments. On the online shop can be found:

  • the Ghiotta basket, with Parona offelle, the typical biscuits of the Pavia tradition made with cocoa shortcrust pastry, and panettone stuffed with sultanas and orange peel
  • the Auguri basket, perfect for festivities Christmas because inside it contains artisanal pandoro and crumbly nougat with almonds
  • the basket la Dolce Vita , the Maletti basket sweet, with pink salt biscuits, hazelnut spread sauce, assorted Piedmontese truffles and chocolate nougat and chocolate panettone.

Who are the baskets with sweets for?

Thanks to the wide selection of products selected for packaging, Maletti baskets are designed to satisfy everyone's tastes .

More information

If you would like more information on sale of Maletti sweets baskets , fill out the form in the section contacts with all your requests!