Christmas Baskets For Sale

As always in Italy when the holidays come, people think about bringing the best products to the table to appreciate good food together with their diners, so it is necessary to rely on the experience of those who have been involved in the sale of Christmas baskets for years.

Sale of personalized Christmas baskets

Maletti, to meet the different needs of customers from different professional or proven sectors, also deals with the sale of personalized Christmas baskets , which can be composed according to your preferences. To obtain this type of service, all you have to do is select the most important items; suited to your needs, selecting them from the food products for Christmas. This type of choice will be able to give you the opportunity to create particularly original packages, which can be perfectly adapted to the tastes of your diners or the people to whom they are intended, embellishing their Christmas.

Sale of Christmas baskets with Italian products

Maletti, with care and passion, has always been involved in the sale of Christmas packages with Italian products . These baskets, in fact, are composed exclusively of foodstuffs from different Italian regions, all produced by small businesses; premises that maintain production systems of ancient tradition, safeguarding the flavors of our culinary tradition. If you want to set up your table for lunches and dinners during the winter holidays, you can choose, for example, from the following compositions:

  • Christmas basket Wishes
  • Christmas basket Happy Christmas
  • Joieux Noel Christmas basket
  • Le Reindeer Christmas basket
  • Christmas basket Christmas Evening

More information on sales of Christmas baskets?

If you want to request more information on the sale of Christmas baskets , on Christmas packages, on the production of gift packages and on all Maletti products, fill out the form in contact section, customer service will be; happy to provide you with all the answers and possibly prepare a specific quote for your needs.