Company Gift Baskets For Sale

From time immemorial, the gourmet gift basket for the holiday season has been a favorite company gift. Choose Christmas baskets for companies by Maletti, the gourmet workshop in Modena.

Company Christmas baskets for 150 years

Founded in 1867, Maletti has always based its work on the passion and tradition towards the typical products of the Italian tradition. The products, carefully selected by Maletti, used to compose the Christmas baskets designed for companies, but also for individuals, are chosen by small and medium-sized artisanal producers, who respect the traditions of craftsmanship, and offer food products of the highest quality. Maletti's Christmas baskets are perfect for celebrating a special occasion, such as Christmas.

Which company baskets?

Maletti offers companies the possibility; to choose from gastronomic baskets already; packaged and customized baskets with the products available on the shop online. The company baskets, designed for Christmas are different and are made up of different types of products, such as cheeses, pasta, condiments, cold cuts or sweets.

Delivery and transport of baskets

After purchasing the company baskets using the online shop, You can choose whether to have the basket delivered directly to the company or deliver the gift to the recipients . Thanks to this service, Maletti allows companies to organize themselves in the best possible way and pay homage to all suppliers, customers and employees.

More information

For more information and to receive a personalized quote on gastronomic baskets for corporate gifts , send a request for quote to Maletti!