Customizable Gift Baskets For Sale

Do you need to give a gift and have no ideas? Have you decided to give a food package as a gift but you don't like the products in it? With Maletti you can create personalized gift baskets according to your taste and that of the person who will receive it!

Why donate a personalized gift basket

A food basket is always an appreciated gift, decide for to select your favorite products and package it thinking about the tastes of those who will receive unique gift . All the products available are certified (IGP, DOP, DOC) and this makes all the baskets a gift of absolute and high quality. Furthermore, all the products are not available in large-scale distribution and this makes the baskets an even more gift; refined and precious.

What products can be placed inside the baskets?

The products available on the Maletti online shop, which can be selected for packaging gift baskets, are carefully selected to represent the best quality; and genuineness of the Italian tradition . To facilitate the choice of product selection, Maletti, divided them into:

  • condiments and side dishes
  • sauce and sauces
  • pasta and rice
  • cured meats
  • cheeses
  • honey and jams
  • fruit, chocolate and coffee
  • nougat and chocolate
  • cakes and biscuits
  • panettone and pandoro
  • wines and spirits.

Shipping and delivery even to multiple recipients

After composing the baskets according to your preferences, Maletti offers the possibility; to decide whether to send the packages to different addresses and then divide the shipment into several; recipients . Choose to have the gift baskets delivered directly to the recipients is a choice that allows you to reach more; people without having to take care of the delivery. To send to a friend, a relative, suppliers, customers, and to people even outside Italy, it is sufficient to communicate the different shipping addresses to Maletti after completing the order.

More information

For more information on customizable gift baskets , fill out the form in the contact section with all your requests!