Typical Italian Product Baskets

Do you want to create a food basket with the best products for a quality gift that is sure to be appreciated? Choose baskets with typical products available on Maletti's online shop!

What typical products?

The products available on the online shop, which can be purchased individually or in Christmas baskets, are researched and carefully selected by Maletti, to guarantee quality; and genuineness, typical of the Italian tradition. Most of the products available on the Maletti store are not available in large-scale distribution, therefore they are refined and precious foods , to be donated to embellish the tables. To facilitate the choice, the many products available are divided into:

  • condiments and side dishes
  • sauces and gravies
  • pasta and rice
  • cured meats
  • cheeses
  • honey and jams
  • fruit, chocolate and coffee
  • nougat and chocolate
  • cakes and biscuits
  • panettone and pandoro
  • wines and spirits.

Which baskets with typical products?

All the gastronomic baskets proposed by Maletti and available on the online shop are made with typical products of the Italian culinary tradition of the different regions and between the wide choice of food packages You can choose between:

  • Christmas packs
  • Easter packs
  • customized packaging.

All the baskets proposed, in addition to being excellent gift ideas for Christmas or Easter holidays, are an original idea to pay homage to relatives, friends or employees on other occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays.

More information

For more information on typical products and the sale of Maletti baskets , You can fill out the form in the contacts section. In a few days you will receive an answer from the staff.