Culinary Gift Packs

Are you tired of the usual gifts? Do you never have ideas to surprise your loved ones? Choose Maletti's gourmet gift packs and give the gift of quality products from the Italian culinary tradition.

Gastronomic packages with genuine products

Maletti carefully researches and selects the products that it then offers through its online shop, as products to be purchased individually or to be included in the gastronomic baskets, to guarantee packages with genuine foods and wines and representative of the Italian culinary tradition . Many of the selected and available culinary items are IGP, DOP and DOC certified, coming from artisan producers.

Which gastronomic packages?

Maletti offers three different types of gift packages, to better celebrate the holidays; and offer a gift, to relatives, friends, employees, but also for one's family, with specialties; typical of the various Italian regions:

  • Christmas packs
  • Easter pack
  • customized packaging.

The gastronomic packages are not gifts linked exclusively to holiday periods, such as the Christmas period or the Easter period, they are also useful gifts for other occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or thanksgiving.

Buy the packs with the online shop

After choosing the type of gastronomic package, Maletti offers its customers the possibility; to buy directly through the site . Within a few days you can receive the chosen basket or decide to send it directly to the recipient.

More information

For more information on the sale of Maletti food packages , You can contact the staff by filling out the form in the contact section with all requests.