Tortellini di Modena

History of the Emilian tortellino

Rough and thin Emilian artisan pasta with manual type closure. They faithfully follow the specifications of the Modena tortellino. The tortellino Maletti is a yellow and rough pastry with traditional closure. Recipe faithful to the specifications of Modena tortellino: only cured ham, Parmesan cheese after 24 months, cooked meat and mortadella Bologna PGI without breadcrumbs. The pasta is rolled and not extruded as in the most industrial pasta.

The tortellino in the Middle Ages was only on the tables of the rich or consumed on holidays. The richness of its ingredients was well suited to moments of festive waste. The contested origin between Modena and Bologna ended with a position of equal merit that placed it in Castelfranco Emilia.

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Tortellini di Modena

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