Botero cooked ham

Cotti ricetta storica

Cooked ham from the best heavy selected foreign thighs. A more marbled slice with a fat thickness of about 1.5 cm, it differs from the cooked ones in its category. 
Seasoned with historic herb brine with the addition of onion and marsala wine that gives a particular and sweeter taste than the others cooked in the range. It stands out for its particular freshness and juiciness. 

Chestnut mould format that guarantees good slicing yield thanks to the smaller final side.
The result is a lean but soft and juicy cooked with a captivating sweet taste.

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Botero cooked ham
Code: 608004
8,8 kg c.a.
6 months from pack.
crt 2 pcs

Gluten Free No Milk Derivatives

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