Geminiano salami

Ham salami without lards, the most precious of the Maletti range already in the '900. It is unique in that, it is made mainly of a cut of meat: the Italian ham bottom. The percentage of fat is well below the national average for salami, only 9%. Lightly seasoned with salt, white and black pepper, a little garlic and white wine Sicilia IGP stuffed by hand into natural bovine casing. Soft, tasty and with an all-red slice, it is a salami that makes you fall in love at first sight, it is to be sliced thinly like a flute's beak. 
We present it in a vacuum-packed version with a very high service content.

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Salame Geminiano SV
Code: 521130
500 g approx.
4 months from pack.
crt 6 pcs

Gluten Free Meat Origin Italian No Milk Derivatives

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