Gorgonzola DOP spoonful

From an ancient artisanal production. A cooperative founded in Novara a hundred years ago and which still preserves original processes especially in the seasoning carried out on wooden shelves in static cells. 
The seasoning is slow, not forced, about 80 days instead of the 50 required by the consortium. 
The raw material is the element that connotes quality: it is only the milk from the production area provided by the members themselves.
Milk and slow maturing lead to a persistent and decisive taste recognized by connoisseurs as the true taste of the past. 
Spoon Gorgonzola is derived from the choice of softer shapes which are then subjected to higher temperatures to promote further softness.

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Gorgonzola DOP spoonful Background
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6 kg approx.
45 days from pack.
crt 1 pc

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