Deliveries and transport: delivery time is on average 4 working days from the order in the central north and 6 days in the south and islands. Transportation is 8.55 euros per basket (in case of purchasing a number of baskets of 3 and more, the cost charged for transportation will be 25 euros if the shipment is to a single destination).

Christmas boxes are enclosed in elegant laminated, lithographed, rigid cardboard boxes. Inside the box, the products are wrapped in natural straw wrap and additional fine food-grade tissue paper.

Packaging: Each package, unless specifically requested otherwise, is packed in a rigid outer protective carton. For pallet shipments, the packages so packed are covered with additional cellophane. Each box bears on the outside a label with the name of the package. Inside the package, the products have barcodes that enable the packaging line to ensure that no part of the order is missing.