Christmas 2021 gifts with high-quality Italian food and wine

Christmas gift baskets to bring the best Italian traditions to the table

It's always nice to surprise the people you love, especially at Christmas. If you are looking for a special and personalized gift idea, to amaze friends and family with unique products and high-quality Italian food and wine, the Maletti Christmas gifts are the ideal solution. Since 1867, in fact, Maletti has been synonymous with experience, passion and tradition and produces gift boxes and Christmas gifts carefully selecting the raw materials and the best products of the Italian artisan tradition to bring unique foods and wines to the table and make your holidays unforgettable.

The Maletti baskets are rich in certified PDO, CDO and PGI products, a guarantee of safety and excellence of the finished product, made by small and medium-sized producers from different regions of Italy respecting the ancient methods of artisanal production. No matter who the recipient of your gift is: with the strange Christmas Maletti you can show your affection to friends, colleagues or family in a unique and personal way and make happy the people you love with products chosen specifically according to their preferences and tastes. You can choose from many foods and wines of Italian quality: pasta, desserts, honey and jams, sauces, cheeses, cold cuts and many other typical specialties able to satisfy all palates, even the most demanding!

Discover all the Maletti Christmas gifts for Christmas 2021!

For Christmas 2021 Maletti offers a wide selection of Christmas gifts and gift ideas designed to satisfy any need and satisfy all tastes. You can choose your favorite among the different proposals for pre-packaged Christmas baskets, also perfect as a corporate gift, or create your own personalized package by choosing from the different products available in the catalog, all certified and of exceptional quality, carefully selected to celebrate Christmas in the name of taste and bring to the table the unmistakable flavor of the Italian tradition. Once you have chosen the products, you can also further customize your Christmas basket by adding a dedication, a greeting card or a special thought to surprise even more the people you love.

Among the many possible combinations of packages for Christmas 2021, you can find:

  • Pandora's box, a Christmas present designed for those who want to make a precious and important gift, also suitable for large families given the quantity; and the variety of the products contained. Is rich in specialties from different Italian regions, such as the pat for Tuscan crostini, porcini mushrooms from the Piedmont woods and fig cheese sauce. There are also typical Emilian products : tortellini, mortadella, tigelle and Parma ham PDO. To make it even more prized, black truffle salami and a pair of excellent wines such as the Valpolicella ripasso Superiore from Veneto and the traditional French Blanquette de Limoux. The packaging is also rich in desserts, from the most Christmas panettone; classic to particular specialties Piedmontese and Sicilian confectionery shops.
  • Norcino, a gourmet Christmas basket particularly appreciated by lovers of cured meats , rich in renowned and precious products such as ham, Emilian salami, pancetta with black pepper, shin and fillet of speck from Trentino. The whole is; accompanied by a still and full-bodied red wine and delicious side dishes such as Sardinian dwarf artichokes and yellow polenta. Inside the package they could not miss a dessert for true connoisseurs , the Mantuan sbrisolona cake, coming from an ancient oven in Mantua, and a specialty; Piedmontese like breadsticks stretched with olive oil.
  • Emilia Gourmet, a Christmas basket dedicated to lovers of Emilia, full of specialties and precious products of the Emilian food and wine tradition . Inside the package you can find, in fact, the Parmigiano Reggiano Dop, the Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP and the tasty strolghino of Parma origin. To further enrich the package, a specialty d'excellence, difficult to find even in shops: passatello with black truffle. Inside there are also some of the more traditional Emilian cured meats , such as mortadella from Bologna, cotechino produced by Maletti in Modena and the renowned Lambrusco di Sorbara for the most greedy, the chocolate panettone and the Modena PGI black cherry jam, ideal for preparing cakes and pies.

Discover also all the other gift ideas and Christmas presents with high quality food and wines; Italian and make the holidays special; Christmas with the inimitable taste of Maletti products!