Guide to choosing a gourmet Christmas basket

Ideas and useful tips for choosing the perfect gourmet Christmas basket to give as a gift

Gourmet Christmas baskets are undisputed symbols of Christmas and holidays and always occupy a special place under the tree, or at the center of the table during Christmas lunches and dinners. They are in fact among the most popular and appreciated gifts, useful and never trivial, especially if they contain culinary specialties and selected and high quality typical products. Depending on the type of packaging and food chosen, they can be the perfect solution, both to amaze the people closest to you, such as friends and relatives, and to pay homage to colleagues, employees and suppliers and show affection, esteem and appreciation in a unique and special way. But that's not all. In the Italian tradition they also represent a wish for prosperity and abundance, a great way to make happy the people you love and spend the holidays in the name of sharing and good food.

If you're thinking of giving away a gourmet Christmas basket for Christmas but don't know which one to choose and are looking for helpful shopping tips, here's a quick guide to finding the perfect gift idea.

How to choose the best gourmet Christmas baskets?

The first element to evaluate before proceeding with the purchase of a Christmas basket is; the quality of the products contained in the package . This is serious; one of the most important aspects; important for Maletti, which since 1867 has been pursuing the love for excellence, quality and the craftsmanship, creating Christmas baskets and packages with the best food and wine products , carefully selected to bring to the table the flavors and aromas of the Italian culinary tradition. All the food products contained in Maletti's Christmas baskets are made by small and medium-sized Italian regional producers or family-run businesses that respect the traditional methods of artisanal production , or are Igp, Doc and Dop certified.

In addition to the absolute quality and craftsmanship; processing, you will also need to take into account:

  • the type of products based on the preferences of the people who will receive the basket as a gift : in order not to be mistaken, try to inform yourself carefully about the tastes of the recipients (for example, if they prefer sweet or savory foods, or if they particularly like cured meats or cheeses). In this way you will demonstrate that you know them thoroughly and you can be on the safe side, making a gift that is certainly appreciated and appreciated.
  • the recipients, to give the Christmas basket of the largest size; suitable, unique and personalized according to tastes. For couples or small families, for example, you can choose Christmas baskets of larger dimensions; reduced, while for large families you will have to opt for larger packages; large and rich in products. Depending on whether the gift is addressed to friends and relatives , or to employees, suppliers or business partners you can focus on packages with particular typical products, or choose more foods and drinks; simple and traditional to satisfy all tastes.
  • the available budget and the quality / price ratio are other fundamental aspects to take into consideration. The price of Christmas baskets can vary according to the type, the quantity of products contained in the package and the packaging. Before proceeding with the purchase, carefully evaluate the different options available based on your budget and your specific needs, also taking into account the recipients and the type of consumption.
  • personalization of the gift box, for example the possibility; to insert the products you prefer (as in the case of Maletti's personalized Christmas baskets) or to add cards and dedications to make your Christmas basket even more; special and welcome.

Gourmet baskets: all Maletti's proposals for Christmas 2021

Maletti offers many gift ideas and gourmet Christmas baskets perfect for the holidays; Christmas, rich in typical quality products and designed to satisfy all tastes and all tables: from classic specialties; , such as panettone, lentils and cotechino, wines and regional products more renowned and sought after , such as passatelli with black truffle of the Emilian tradition or Sardinian dwarf artichokes. Among the different proposals for gourmet Christmas baskets, you can find:

  • Christmas gift, the classic Christmas basket, perfect to give to colleagues or to celebrate as a family with the traditional pandoro and the Prosecco Doc produced in the province of Udine, coming from a long family history
  • delicious dinner, a complete gastronomic package which contains fusilli all & # 39 ; angry, cotechino with lentils, a classic second course of the Christmas tradition, and various desserts to please adults and children. The package also contains a precious bottle of extra virgin olive oil produced in Umbria.
  • Pandora's box, ideal for important gifts and also suitable for large families given the quantity; and the variety of the products contained. The packaging is rich in specialties from different Italian regions and typical Emilian products , such as tortellini, mortadella, tigelle and Parma ham Dop. To make it even more prized, black truffle salami and a pair of excellent wines such as the Valpolicella ripasso Superiore from Veneto and the traditional French Blanquette de Limoux.

To choose the perfect gourmet Christmas basket to give as a gift , take the time to calmly evaluate the different options and combinations available, or consult the product sheets to choose the most suitable products; suitable to be included in your personalized gift box. For further advice or useful information, do not hesitate to contact us: our staff will guide you in the choice and will help you find the perfect solution for you!