How to choose the right Christmas basket

A few simple tips to give the perfect food basket

The Christmas food and wine basket is an always well accepted gift, with an elegant, traditional cut but also nice and above all useful. Depending on the type of gift pack you want to give, it is perfect for both the people closest to us – friends and relatives – and those with whom we have more formal or work relationships – as employees or suppliers. In short, it is always a great way to show affection, but also esteem and gratitude.

Giving a food and wine gift pack for the holiday season is a typically Italian tradition – linked to our extraordinary culinary culture – that has lasted for a long time. It seems to be a custom derived from the early years of the Second World War; at a time when food was quite scarce, giving away a basket of food products – usually grown and made on your farm – was a way to make a loved one very happy, as well as being a very useful gift. The food basket, from the beginning, fully represents the spirit of the Christmas of sharing and spending time with those you love.

What are the elements to consider when giving a food basket?

The first factor to consider is; an essential element for Maletti, which represents a real point in common for all the food and wine baskets proposed: quality . All the products that make up a Maletti Christmas basket, in fact, are made with artisanal methods and therefore guarantee quality; superior. The foods are selected for their capacity; to evoke ancient aromas and flavors, linked to the areas of the country from which they come, but also to condure those who taste them in a unique journey through Italian culinary history .
In addition to this inevitable requirement, other factors must also be taken into account:

  • The recipients : is always good to know who will receive the Christmas basket, in order to choose the most suitable one; indicated. Of course, in the case of corporate Christmas gifts it can be; be useful to choose more packages simple that will be appreciated by everyone, such as Christmas gift , or the Delicious Dinner ;
  • The tastes of those who will receive it: the Christmas basket, especially if it is given to friends or relatives, is; an excellent opportunity to show how much we care about that person and how much we know them. If, for example, we know that he greatly appreciates cured meats or meat dishes, the Norcino basket can be the right solution; if you love sparkling wines, we can give the Pantry Rich ; if you are a lover of regional cuisine, Emilia Gourmet can be the best idea;
  • The budget : Maletti baskets always present an exceptional quality / price ratio, but in any case it is; always essential to consider the budget you have. To make really precious and important gifts, instead, the Vase of Pandora is the most rich. In any case, Maletti supplies baskets for any budget;
  • The occasion and the type of consumption : if you think of a basket with products that, for example, can be consumed on New Year's Eve, the Happy Thought is particularly suitable. For every occasion linked to festivities, Maletti offers the ideal packaging.

Few tips for a perfect gift

To make a perfect and certainly appreciated gift is it is useful to consider some simple advice :

  • Choose calmly : is it is always better not to be reduced to the last moment, so take all the time you need to visit the online shop and choose the most suitable package; suited to your needs. And do not hesitate to contact us for advice or useful information;
  • The packaging : the packages made by Maletti are precious and flawless, and immediately announce the refined elegance of delicacies; that contain. They are also beautiful to look at and practical baskets, because it must be considered that they will be used very often even later in the home. Some examples: carton packs can become lively and sturdy containers to hold objects, toys, and much more. Canvas packs, on the other hand, become excellent clothes racks for seasonal changes, and when not in use they can be easily stored as they are foldable;
  • Personalization : accompany your Christmas gift with a greeting card that underlines the relationship that binds you to the recipient: affection, friendship, cordial professionalism. In this way the present will be; even more; personal, felt and appreciated.