Gift basket with wine

Gastronomic packages accompanied by bottles of wine

On Christmas and other holidays, there is never a lack of a good bottle of wine on Italian tables. For this reason Maletti has decided to propose and package gift baskets with wine that can accompany moments of joy and holidays, such as Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Why choose a gift basket with wine

The wine is; a product capable of enhancing the flavors of the dishes it is paired with, especially when it comes to traditional Italian recipes that characterize the kitchens of all homes on festive days; Christmas. The wine, in addition to accompany during meals, can it can be used to toast , for an aperitif or to accompany desserts at the end of a meal.
To obtain the best combinations with the most popular dishes; typical of the tradition on the occasion of the festivities; Christmas, Maletti offers gift baskets with wine already; ready, already composed in such a way as to be able to accompany and match the best bottles.

Choose a gift basket with wine proposed by Maletti

Maletti is a company point of reference in the gift basket packaging sector. Since 1867, thanks to the love for typical Italian products, it guarantees high quality, selecting only the best producers of traditional food and wine products.
To pack a gift basket with wine, the company relies only on producers who respect craftsmanship, thus guaranteeing; to anyone who chooses to give a Maletti Christmas basket the safety of made in Italy is an excellent gift, certainly appreciated.

For whom are the gifts with Maletti wine designed

More and more; often the gift basket with gastronomic products is chosen as a gift on the occasion of important events or holidays, such as Christmas or New Year's. Maletti offers its sales and supply service to anyone looking for a quality gift , also offering a tailor-made service so that anyone can decide what to put inside the Christmas package. < br /> For companies, the gift basket with wine is; a thought for their employees, collaborators or suppliers who cannot now; never fail. Maletti offers a very functional service as it allows companies to receive or send their chosen Christmas packages wherever they prefer.

More information

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