Providing Christmas gifts for companies

Company Christmas baskets to give as gifts with high quality products

Every year there comes that time when it is necessary to decide what to gift your employees and suppliers with. Gourmet Christmas hampers are the ideal solution to make a gift that is sure to please everyone. Maletti is an Italian company that specializes in providing Christmas gift baskets for companies that have been operating in the market for many years.

Why choose Maletti for the free delivery service

Since 1867 Maletti has been dealing with gastronomic products, in particular with typical Emilian products of great quality. Over the years of activity, the company has grown. specialized in the supply of Christmas baskets composed of typical Italian products . Maletti then you can define a gastronomic laboratory, in which to find the passion for good Italian food.
The packaging of the Christmas baskets takes place in an artisanal way, carefully selecting the best typical products of the Emilia area and all of Italy. Companies can therefore choose from high quality Christmas presents, within which their collaborators can find the best products of the Italian gastronomic tradition .

Why buy the Maletti gifts

Maletti is always a point of reference for companies looking for specialists in the packaging of Christmas gifts. The gifts for Maletti companies are made by choosing the best food and wine products of the Italian tradition, carefully selected by local producers . In fact, inside the Christmas carols it is there are products certified IGP and DOP or DOC, which guarantee the quality and l originality of the foods that make up the basket.

Is it possible to customize the company gifts?

In addition to offering its customers high quality gifts, companies that decide to take advantage of the supply service offered by Maletti can also request to customize the food package chosen. Maletti, in fact, gives the possibility; also to choose the box with which to pack the gift and make himself available to insert a gadget or a greeting card in it in order to make it even more the company gift that its employees or suppliers will receive is unique.